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Theresa Mike

Theresa-m Piliari

Yupik Madelian

Village of Kotlik


CP 05

I use black wolf leggings, spotted seal skin, wolf claws, walrus ivory buttons and rings, mammoth ivory bead, abalone buttons, Swarovski crystals in clear and red colors, seed beads, deer skin leather with red trim on top to introduce the belt. black material sewn in back with antique buttons to hold the belt in place. The wolf and seal skins were hand sewn alternately, with walrus ivory button and ring sewn in between each other. Each of the abalone buttons with Swarovski crystal sewn on top of the black leather. The wolf claws with their paw print on back are sewn in between black wolf fur with mammoth ivory beads on top. At each end of the belt, all four claws are sewn to complete the regalia belt. As the dancer dances to the songs, so to the animals join. Yupik Medalian: Seal skin, mammoth ivory, black onyx, seed beads. Arctic fox fur ear with purple crazy lace, mother of pearl button, wire protector for hook, sterling silver.