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Timothy Nevaquaya

Nevaquaya Fine Arts, LLC

Riding Into the Unknown

Comanche Nation


LIN W 786

Nevaquaya is an award-winning traditional artist and Emmy nominated Native American flautist. He brings a lifetime of cultural experience to his audiences in painting and fine art, as well as traditional southern plains flute music. Nevaquaya has created Emmy nominated collaborations for PBS Documentaries such as “Native America” (Fall 2018), "Spirit Flute: Healing the Heart" (PBS 2021) and won awards for his paintings in Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Taos and throughout Oklahoma. Nevaquaya may be best known for creating his own unique style of art in the contemporary style by using sweeping brush strokes, palette knife techniques and vibrant color to create movement and form in his paintings or as he states, "a continual evolution of an ethereal experience." Nevaquaya has performed in such places as the Smithsonian, the OK City Philharmonic, the OK Governor’s Ball and numerous other places. Nevaquaya is a U.S. army veteran, educator, and lay minister based in Oklahoma’s southern plains.