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Timothy Ramel

Tim Blueflint Ramel

3 Bisbee, Momo Coral, Silver and Gold Necklace

Bad River Band of the Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians of the Bad River Reservation


Fine Art Native American Flutes are crafted from curated, exhibition grade exotic and domestic woods that are laminated, laser aligned and bored from each end, forming two interior air chambers within the flute. Exacting concert tuning is achieved within a unique, climate controlled environment at precisely 72 degrees F. The exterior is shaped by a combination of lathe turning and extensive hand sanding. The finish is applied in eight layers of sprayed, pre- catalyzed lacquer, wet sanded between each coat and finally hand buffed and polished to a warm, natural glow and may adorned with a variety of carvings and/or jewelry work, creating a sculptural element to the overall piece. The minimalist displays are often crafted from live-edged, exotic or domestic wood slabs and Brass.Fabricated from noble and exotic metals, adorned with natural and gem grade stones and utilizing multiple techniques of stamping, texturing, overlay and contrasting and complimentary finishing techniques.