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Indigenous Parenting

Comanche Nation


LIN E 750

I distinct Plains Ledger art with contemporary themes, utilizing the material of original Antique ledger paper and various era-inspired inks once available to the Kiowa and Comanche while also incorporating new mediums of today. Implementing the techniques inherently passed down to me along with those I’ve organically developed and continue to develop since childhood. 

My artwork (heartwork) often depicts narratives of female indigenous agency and familial kinships inspired by our traditional stories and todays very modern life experiences. Simply put, my artwork is “Art That Speaks" inscribed on frail fragments of the americas horrific past with the original indigenous peoples of our homelands. Repurposing antique ledger from the early 1800s into the early 1900s, allowing the pain of the past to intersect with both the love and pain of the present day in a new way. Indigenous people utilized ledger as a way to document our own histories and stories when colonizers took away