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William Yazzie

William J. Yazzie

Overlay Inlay Rug Bracelet

Navajo Nation


CP 19

I am a 3rd generation silver artist from the Spider Rock area of Canyon de Chelly. I get inspiration from my family and my land. I make traditional Navajo jewelry as well as contemporary jewelry that has indigenous roots. I enjoy making large pieces like squash blossoms and concho belts, but I also love making small, detailed pieces like rings and pendants. I specialize in sterling silver tufa cast jewelry adorned in natural turquoise. I also utilize old style stamping, overlay, and inlay techniques, sometimes combining all in one piece. I also taught myself to work with gold, and especially like using 18k rose gold in my pieces. SWAIA brought out the best in me last year, and I hope to get the opportunity to show my skills this year as well.