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Artist Survey Results

What did you like most about the 2021 Indian Art Market?

I liked our new location. This year’s market was one of my best ever. It was a fantastic show for me.

That it was held in person. Also that participating artists were able to unload Friday afternoon/evening.

That this was the first year I sold out.

The amount of space at my booth.

I SOLD OUT!!!! I have told many people that SWAIA had to “reinvent the wheel” when trying to abide by the state mandates and still have an in person art market when ever I heard an complaint. I liked the smaller number of artists and booths. It can become overwhelming for visitors when coming to the market. When I first began Indian Market it was smaller, like this market, but it kept growing and growing and honestly was out of control. As a past committee member and working with past directors, their goal was to keep growing the market and to add lots of pre market activities and buying opportunities that the patrons would spend their money on. It almost felt as if the Indian Market was an afterthought instead of the main event. I appreciate the new CEO is trying to bring it back to where it should be. I realize there were lots of very upset artists out there and pointing fingers at everyone one and everything. In fact, there still is. I am sorry you all have bore the brunt of obnoxious and rude comments. I think you all did an awesome job and I appreciate the energy and time spent to pull this off. You guys did it and you rock!

The convenience of setting up and tearing down.

For tops the show did go on!

The quality of art at the market.

THE GATE. I felt much more protected as a Native woman and artist. We compete and bring our best just to be in the most prestigious Native art show, but previously any blow in random can walk around and take up our time and access us. And millions of dollars in our artwork. Most of us put our heart and spirit into our work so when people just want to walk around looking and won’t even pay $35 to see it all then they need to be weeded out, IMO. McDonald’s has higher standards for who can get in. This last show I felt the caliber of attendees was a lot better in terms of only people who were really interested in buying seemed to pay up. And no one left their damn flyers and cards on my table this year!!!! That was really annoying before. I really hope the gate can be a regular thing. Plus we could set up in peace. For some reason people like to walk around early Saturday morning and just watch us struggle w our tables and whatever. It feels kind of voyeuristic to me. And having the show start an hour later was AMAZING. I was a lot more rested and had a better attitude all day. Plus I felt safer leaving booth set up stuff overnight. And it seemed like the gate kept out the creepy guys who prowl around Sunday. I felt safer, more appreciated, more valued, and more respected this last show than at any other market.

Was a great show, sold out by noon Saturday.

Efforts put out by all staff to positively work with mandates.

Customers being able to find my booth without much trouble.

That I continue to see my customer.  Buy they had to look for me. Plus the sales. Was a good turn out for me again.

Just being back to the live market was all great!

Attendance was good and old collectors still returned despite the admission fee and COVID protocols.

Representing my tribes and showing new works.

I was very excited and honored to be selected into this year’s art market.

I would have to say my booth location. Thank you very much.

You let the youth artists be a part of market, which give us new ideas an looking forward to the future of NATIVE AMERICANS ART.

We are very happy to meet new artists.

The markets need to bring new artists, youth that are doing art by themselves, not a family artists.

It get boring seeing the same old artists.

I liked booths were limited. Not so many artists. Customers were out to buy.

Our loyalty to SWAIA continues. Meeting former and new buyers. Refreshing to do SWAIA Indian Market again. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HARD WORK.

The market was not over crowded with too many venders selling the same medium.

It was LIVE!

That it was in person. The traffic was equal to all years. I made just as much or more in sales.

The customers.

The fact that customers were out mingling not scared to be the out doing some shopping.

I liked that it was smaller size and much easier to get onto the plaza to load and unload.

That it was face to face and got a chance to meet new customers and of course sold pieces to my returning customers.

I liked how it was finally held in person and also how COVID precautions were set in place.

I was placed on the plaza in half booth when I usually have a full booth.

I loved the location and my regular customers were able to find me.

I am usually on Marcy Street and never get to see the performances but this year i was able to view the stage from my booth.

Thank you. I’m a first year Artist. This was a Goal, Objective, Dream, Opportunity, Success, and Hope.

Hope that my stories, Art, Tradition and name will carry the Spirit of Northern Plains Native Americans.

I liked most the opportunity to see Indigenous Tribes gathering. I traveled the Heritage of of the continent: North America.

What greater privilege is there?

Many people stated they never even knew i was at the market probably because they never got down to Marcy, but now they will look for me.

I liked my booth place. At first I thought that area wasn’t going to get much people, but the area got plenty of interested buyers.

The setup and easy access to unload and setup ..

That SWAIA made it happen in safe environment.

I liked our new location. This year’s market was one of my best ever. It was a fantastic show for me.

That it was in person.

Being amongst the buyers and being able to talk to them and explain each individual piece as well as the process.

The interaction with all the people/buyers/clients. I had a great Market and only had a few items left by Saturday and Sunday I was pleasantly surprise I sold more. So I came home with 4 items. Not liking the idea you had to have tickets for things that were normally free but I totally understand that this was not a normal year(s).

Enjoyed the artist reception.  Happy to be back live.

I liked being in person again.

A few things: booth location worked good, but would prefer my previous location as all my returning customers know of my home booth location; the hospitality was nice gesture, enjoyed the snacks and such; the wrist bans were different, I think those helped in a sense of control. Overall, it was a great turnout for me, and I’m sure for many other artists. Thank you SWAIA!

Less lines for everything.

Customers favorite place to met me they all love native arts my rugs were a big sell out.

The size of the market seemed to provide better attention and sales.

The weather.


That my booth was next to my daughter, son in law and grandson!

In person event.

I LOVED that an anonymous patron paid for my booth.


That my booth was next to my daughter, son in law and grandson!

Less lines for everything.

I absolutely loved how welcoming and warm all of the Swaia staff was and greatly appreciate the generosity and appreciation from everyone.

I really like the decision to change the time limit for people to browse at a leisurely pace. I was afraid that if people were limited on time we would have missed out on some sales.

That it actually was able to take place.

Being with art minded people again. Being in a better space then the past.

Seeing all people again.

Just happy the live show happen. Thanks so much.

We had one of our most successful market this year!!

It was very well planned.

The good feeling of returning to a major live art market and everything that goes with it. It was a significant moment that I will remember forever.

Putting on an in person market was a great move.

The atmosphere was calm and collected.

I really was not sure what to expect, so I was impressed at how smoothly everything went. The customers who came by my booth were very happy to be there and very appreciative. I heard nothing from them that was not positive. I have been doing the Market since 2007 and this year I had 3 times my normal sales. It was phenominal.

Smaller venue area, not so big as years in the past. We had several customers return to our booth to buy after they had gone around the whole market, In years past we had comments about the market too big to see everything and then make a choice.

Talking to people face to face. I thought booth location was great.

The setup and easy access to unload and setup…

I person events are so much more personal and essential to our market.


My sales were up.

The in-person communication and sales.

It was peaceful.



Good to be back at the market.

It was wonderful to be able to see and talk to people in person. Crowds weren’t as big, but they were so happy to be there…and buying. Most of the artists around me had great sales.

Good to be back at the market.


I loved all the events going on. It’s a bummer not being able to see everything that happens during market hours, but everything else was amazing.

It happened in person.

I was happy that we were able to have this show happen with COVID restrictions and keeping everybody safe. Good to see people shopping again.

I liked being in person again.

Safety precautions adhered to.


Seeing the customers and other artists in person!

It was in person! Thankful for the real Indian Market.