2021 Best of Show

Presented By JoAnn and Bob Balzer


Jeremy Frey

Winner: Basketry

Title: Malsom (Wolf)

Description: 16” x 10”, double wall ash basket with porcupine quill on birch, sweet grass trimmed.

Tribe: Passamaquoddy

Southwestern Indian Market 2021 Basketry Winner - Jeremy Frey
Southwestern Indian Market 2021 Pottery Winner - Robert Patricio

Robert Patricio

Winner: Pottery

Title: Raining Dawn to Dusk

Description: 14” x 16 ½”, traditional clay, sandstone paints, wild spinach paint, handmade and hand coiled.

Tribe: Pueblo of Acoma


Rhonda Holy Bear

Winner: Beadwork & Quillwork

Title: Lakota Honor Sees The Horses Woman

Description: 27 ½” x 8” x 9”, wooden carved figure, antique micro seed beads, micro porcupine quills, pipe stove, shell, metal, chicken feathers, hair, paint, fabric, deer skin, wool

Tribe: Cheyenne River Sioux

Southwestern Indian Market 2021 Beadwork & Quillwork Winner - Rhonda Holy Bear
Southwestern Indian Market 2021 Jewelry Winner - Denise Wallace

Denise Wallace

Winner: Jewelry

Title: Origins, Roots, and Sources

Description: 3 ½” x 12 ½” not including the leather belt.

Tribe: Native Village of Tatitlek


Dana Warrington

Winner: Diverse Art Forms

Title: Taxidermy Otter

Description: 38” x 12” x 22”, taxidermy otter in leather, quillwork, beadwork, lapidary, silver, weaving, and feathers

Tribe: Menominee / Potawatomi

Southwestern Indian Market 2021 Diverse Art Forms Winner - Dana Warrington
Southwestern Indian Market 2021 Textiles Winner - Tyler Glasses

Tyler Glasses

Winner: Textiles

Title: Poncho For Days

Description: 59” x 84”, Navajo churro poncho with average of 54 to 56 wefts an inch, two years to complete.

Tribe: Navajo (Dine)


Raymond Chee

Winner: Sculpture

Title: Healing into the Night

Description: Apache Ga’an Crown Dancers, made of cottonwood tree branch, chainsaw, hand tool, chisel, sandpaper, dremel, commercial acrylic paint and stain, shell.

Tribe: Navajo (Dine)

Southwestern Indian Market 2021 Sculpture Winner - Raymond Chee
Southwestern Indian Market 2021 Painting, Drawings, Graphics, & Photography Winner - Thomas Tapia

Thomas Tapia

Winner: Painting, Drawings, Graphics, & Photography

Title: Buffalo / Elk Dance

Description: 29” x 42”, watercolor on matt board, traditional Buffalo and Elk Dance honoring the evergreen tree which is planted in an elk pot.

Tribe: Pueblo of Tesuque


Arthur Holmes Jr.

Winner: Wooden Pueblo Figurative Carvings & Sculpture

Title: Broken Arrow

Description: 27” H x 9” dia, roots of cottonwood tree, knives, sandpaper, dremel tools, wood burner for fine detailing, oil paint.

Tribe: Hopi

Southwestern Indian Market 2021 Wooden Pueblo Figurative Carvings & Sculpture Winner - Arthur Holmes Jr.
Southwestern Indian Market 2021 Youth Winner - Aydrian Day

Aydrian Day

Winner: Youth

Title: Mishkiikii Ode (Medicine of the Heart)

Description: 110” x 9”, smoked elk hide,  galaxy beads (bead soup), 24K size 11 gold true cut beads, size 9 3cut beads, fire polish accent beads w/brass cones and bells, mother of pearl sequence shells, lined with plaid fabric.

Tribe: Anishinaabe

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