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Helen Oro, Designer/Owner of Helen Oro Designs is from the Pelican Lake First Nation band. Canada. She is recognized as an international designer and entrepreneur making waves in the fashion industry. Helen first got her taste of entrepreneurship in 2012 when she opened her first business Helen’s Nail Artistry & Esthetics. This led to Oro contributing to Native Max magazine with creative mani/makeup looks and interviews. Soon after Helen started her designing business Helen Oro Designs. She promoted her statement Beadwork through various fashion weeks across USA, Canada and overseas. Being the first Indigenous designer from Canada to showcase in many countries such as Australia, New Zealand and various events like NBA AllStar Weekend Fashion Showcase in Los Angeles. While travelling to these prestigious events, Oro placed first in a business competition allowing her to expand into clothing apparel and start her website. In 2016, ELLE Canada named her top 4 Sask designers to look out for. In 2017 FLARE added her to one of their biggest articles #HowIMadeIt 100 cool women with cool jobs. In 2018 Oro was added to the woman of the year gallery by Chatelaine Magazine for her work with indigenous fashion.

Oro has created many unique opportunities for others in the fashion business including mentoring in portfolio building, teaching model safety, and opening networking opportunities. She wanted to do more than make beautiful pieces by building a brand that gives back and empowers others.

Artist Statement

These statements pieces are inspired from my love of large and over the top jewelry. I absolutely love upcycling, repurposing and make the most of items people normally wouldn’t think of using. Many of my collections are created with pieces or items from previous collections. I’ve always worked with little to no budget, being creative is a must for me.

The red and black looks are inspired from the strong women in my life, the warrior women who always stood for what they believe in. The blue seashell look was inspired by the strength and memory of water.