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How to get support:
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Nuclear Option

Oh dear! But Seriously, this fixes 95% of Everything.

1. Verify you’re logged in: If you are, your username will be at top right.

2. Try 2 Other Browsers: If you can access everything in one browser (chrome, firefox, safari) but not another, it’s something in your browser–possibly an ad blocker.

3, Try an Incognito/Private Window: If it’s happening regardless of browser: open an incognito/private window from your browser. That bypasses browser add-ons like ad blockers. If it works that way, it’s a browser add-on, which you’ll need to locate and tame.

4. Our Support Procedure: If you’re a member, but can’t access member material, we’ll verify your membership status and log in as you to access the content, using the same browser as you. If we can log in with the same browser as you and access the material, and we can verify other members are accessing the material, then we’ve verified it’s local to your system and is neither a problem with your account or the content itself. We’ll then refer you back to the steps above or recommend you partner with a local technician.

Site Down

Visit https://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/market.swaia.org

And/or Visit https://www.uptrends.com/tools/uptime

You can also open the site from a different connection, device, and browser here to confirm it’s browser, device, or connection specific.

If these sites verify that market.swaia.org is up for everyone else, but it’s down for you, then there’s good and bad news. The good news is the site is still here. The bad news is that the issue is localized to your connection or device. Try a different device, then a different connection.

Youtube Content Warning

E.g. This Video May Be Inappropriate (YouTube). This occurs when viewing some videos on YouTube if you have “Safety Mode” enabled in your YouTube settings. You can always watch the video on our site or else disable Safety Mode.

503 Error — “Too many IP addresses accessing one secure area!”

E.g. I got a 503 error when I tried to log in – “503: Service Temporarily Unavailable. Too many IP addresses accessing one secure area!” That can be an “ip ban”. There’s a setting in place to keep your login from being shared with 6 buddies, etc. So the system looks at ip addresses to try to determine if there’s abuse. If it thinks there is, it implements a temporary ban – usually 30min. If you think you’ve gotten this msg in error, and you’re not sharing your account with other people, then please go to our support page and let us know, so we can check the ip logs. It’s not our intention to incorrectly serve this message to anyone; with an automated system, it can be mistaken.

Site Speed

E.g. The site is slow.

To test this site’s speed, to see if it’s on our end or your ISP or PC, you can visit this page. Assuming the site loads in 7 seconds or less on that page, it means the site itself is delivering appropriate speeds, allowing you to look at your ISP or local PC for a possible cause.

To test your internet latency and speed (both scores can affect your experience on some parts of the web, depending on the routes taken by your ISP), visit speedtest.net. High latency is common on satellite connections or 3G/4G routers (e.g. Mifi). Broadband speeds are roughly something above 1.75mbps. Running 3 tests and getting an average for latency and speed can give you a clear picture of how your connection is doing.

If everything is testing well, but the site is still inaccessible or slow, it’s likely an issue with servers through which internet traffic is routed and the issue will likely pass – try again in 10min or so.


e.g. There is delay or buffering in live streaming broadcasts

All live broadcasts have some slight delay, just like with TV. Each person will have a different length of delay depending on their own connection and browser cache. Clearing browser cache or switching browser will often speed it up.

Live Stream

If pre-recorded videos work for you, but live stream videos don’t: Try turning off your ad blocker. Since live google broadcasts have embedded ads, it is possible you are being blocked from the page. If that doesn’t work, try opening an “incognito/private” browser window, and logging in that way. That stops plugins from loading on most systems. If that doesn’t work, try switching browsers. If that doesn’t work, try switching devices. As long as there are any other users access the stream, and you can still access OTHER member content, it’s specific to you and not to your user account or the system.