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Partner Collaboration For the Expanding Digital Landscape

“One Finger Cannot Lift a Pebble” – Hopi Saying

The 2020 Indian Market is a collaboration of multiple firms. Effective brands collaborate: Nike/Apple, Dell/Marvel, Uber/Spotify. The vision and leadership of SWAIA, the Clark Hulings Fund’s experience in virtualizing business, education, organizations and events, Artspan’s excellence in sales platform infrastructure for artists, and Vircadia’s creative digital toolset and developer ingenuity produced a greater net effect in the form of an unprecedented month-long digital event. More importantly, those long-term relationships of organizations working in tandem are supporting the cause of Native Artists and Indigenous Markets more effectively than if they worked in silos.

The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists

The Clark Hulings Fund Art is a Business, and Artists Should Run It

CHF advances the cause of working artists and creative professionals through business training and entrepreneurial learning, creates collaborative exchanges between all sectors of the art industry and the broader world in order that each participant may thrive, and delivers projects that virtualize learning, organizations, and events focused on the arts and art-business. To learn more about CHF and its programs, visit ClarkHulingsFund.org.

Artspan - Artist Websites

artspan art marketplace

Artspan is a complete website platform for creative professionals, including artists, artisans, photographers, and designers. Unlike isolated marketplaces or standalone website platforms, artspan creates a unique ‘search and shop’ experience that combines the functionality of a digital portfolio with that of an e-commerce store. Members are plugged into a searchable directory of artists and receive free promotion in artspan collections and category shops. Easy setup backed by training and support makes it a cinch to create the central hub of one’s art business. For more info on artspan, start at the SWAIA-artspan directory.



Vircadia makes tools for collaboration. The Vircadia platform is an open-source 3D interface and server solution that allows for vast social & educational environments to be created and lived in while also being shared in real-time with others. For those who create worlds or explore them, for those who journey and those who love place, Vircadia welcomes you. Vircadia is responsible for SWAIA’s NDN World, a space within the Vircadia metaverse. Learn about Vircadia at Vircadia.com.


The Southwestern Association for Indian Arts

SWAIA educates the world about Native American arts and crafts, and specifically facilitates a historic, century-old market that draws collectors, buyers, and gawkers from across the globe. SWAIA champions Native American arts and culture, and thereby the prosperity of First Nations and native peoples. With the 2020 Indian Market—”The Virtual Edition”—SWAIA’s role is evolving to virtualization of native markets in general. Stay tuned. For more information on SWAIA and its mission, click here. For information on the history of the Indian Market, click here.

We’re Incredibly Grateful

To these and other partners who have contributed their time and expertise to producing the 2020 Santa Fe Indian Market—”The Virtual Edition”. Thank all of you for your passion and hard work.