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2021 Booth Guide

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Aaron Brokeshoulder – New Mexico Room, Booth 202
Adrian Pinnecoose – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 17
Albert Lee – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 28
Alex Sanchez – Mezzanine, Booth 125
Alexa Rae Day – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 59
Alfred Joe – Mezzanine, Booth 114
Alisha Sanchez – Mezzanine, Booth 119
Allen Aragon – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 20
Allison Lee – Mezzanine, Booth 123
Alvin John – Mezzanine, Booth 110
Angie Yazzie – Mezzanine, Booth 108
Avis Charley – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 50
Ben Nelson, Jr. – New Mexico Room, Booth 206
Bruce Joe – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 26
Bryan Joe – Mezzanine, Booth 114
Carolyn Concho – Mezzanine, Booth 119
Cheyenne Custer – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 52
Corina Louis – Mezzanine, Booth 115
Daniel John – Santa Fe Room, Booth 308
Darance Chimerica – New Mexico Room, Booth 215
Darrick Tsosie – Santa Fe Room, Booth 307
Dave Chavarria – Santa Fe Room, Booth 303
Davida Lister – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 40
DeAnna Nez – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 40
Deborah Lujan – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 05
Debra Duwyenie – Mezzanine, Booth 118
Devin Brokeshoulder – New Mexico Room, Booth 202
Dominique Toya – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 29
Donn Clark – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 15
Donna Humetewa Kaye – Santa Fe Room, Booth 301
Dorothy Medina-Emery – Mezzanine, Booth 105
Duane Maktima – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 53
Duran Gasper – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 21
Ellouise Padilla – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 16
Erik Fender – New Mexico Room, Booth 225
Ernest Benally – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 41
Estella Loretto – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 01
Farrell Pacheco – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 25
Feliciano Tenorio – New Mexico Room, Booth 226
Franklin Carrillo – New Mexico Room, Booth 219
Gary Custer – Mezzanine, Booth 104
George Concho, Jr. – Mezzanine, Booth 120
Gerald Lomaventema – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 34
Gerti Sanchez – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 09
Gilmore Scott – New Mexico Room, Booth 204
Glenda Loretto – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 18
Glendora Fragua – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 31
Gloria Begay – Mezzanine, Booth 106
Henry Calladitto – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 19
Ira Custer – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 52
Irma Cate – New Mexico Room, Booth 203
Jake Livingston – Mezzanine, Booth 126
James Black – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 12
James Day – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 59
James Tsoodle – New Mexico Room, Booth 200
Janie Reano – Santa Fe Room, Booth 309
Jay Livingston – Mezzanine, Booth 126
Jayne Quam – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 58
Jennifer Medina – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 33
Jeremy Salazar – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 60
Jerry Salazar – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 61
Jessica Lomatewama – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 51
Jimmie Harrison – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 57
JJ Otero – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 30
Jolene Bird – Mezzanine, Booth 100
Joseph Begay – New Mexico Room, Booth 210
Joseph Chavez – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 44
Juanica Crespin – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 16
Justin Lomatewama – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 51
Kandis Quam – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 58
Kathleen Wall – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 22
Kathryn Kooyahoema – New Mexico Room, Booth 209
Keith Edaakie – Mezzanine, Booth 109
Kenneth White – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 07
Kyle Lee-Anderson – Mezzanine, Booth 102
Laverne Loretto-Tosa – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 49
LeJeune Chavez – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 44
Leona Bia – Mezzanine, Booth 117
Leonard Tsosie vSanta Fe Room, Booth 307
Leroy Begay – Santa Fe Room, Booth 305
Leslie Bitsie, Jr. – New Mexico Room, Booth 223
Lindsey Shakespeare – New Mexico Room, Booth 217
Loren Tsalabutie – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 21
Lorenzo Tafoya – New Mexico Room, Booth 214
Lorraine Cate – New Mexico Room, Booth 203
Lorraine Gala-Lewis – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 32
Lyle Secatero – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 45
Madeline Naranjo – New Mexico Room, Booth 212
Maria Salvador – Mezzanine, Booth 116
Maria Samora – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 03
Marian Denipah – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 02
Mark Calladitto – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 46
Mark Stevens – New Mexico Room, Booth 205
Mark Taho – Mezzanine, Booth 113
Marvin Gabaldon – Mezzanine, Booth 124
Mary Loretta Calabaza – Santa Fe Room, Booth 306
Mary Tafoya – New Mexico Room, Booth 214
Mary Tom – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 43
Maxine Toya – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 29
Melissa Antonio – New Mexico Room, Booth 216
Merle Namoki – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 35
Michael Billie – Santa Fe Room, Booth 300
Michael McCullough – New Mexico Room, Booth 208
Michael Toya, Jr. – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 06
Michelle Paisano – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 54
Mona Laughing – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 24
Monica Raphael – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 56
Morris Muskett – Mezzanine, Booth 101
Myles Calladitto – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 19
Nelson Begay – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 38
Nocona Burgess – New Mexico Room, Booth 207
Norbert Peshlakai – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 42
Osavio Crespin – New Mexico Room, Booth 218
Osceola Red Shirt – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 04
Patrick Smith – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 47
Penelope Joe – Mezzanine, Booth 111
Penny Singer – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 27
Peter Ray James – New Mexico Room, Booth 213
Peterson Yazzie – New Mexico Room, Booth 201
Phyllis Coonsis – Mezzanine, Booth 122
Preston Duwyenie – Mezzanine, Booth 118
Prisanne Crispin – New Mexico Room, Booth 218
Prudy Correa – New Mexico Room, Booth 224
Ralph Aragon – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 14
Randall Brokeshoulder – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 23
Raynard Scott-Táá’iitsohíí – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 36
Rena Begay – Santa Fe Room, Booth 305
Renee Allen – Santa Fe Room, Booth 304
Richard Aitson – New Mexico Room, Booth 220
Richard Honyouti – New Mexico Room, Booth 221
Robert Johnson – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 13
Robert Weahkee – Mezzanine, Booth 107
Roberta Begaye – Santa Fe Room, Booth 302
Russell Lee – New Mexico Room, Booth 222
Rykelle Kemp – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 48
Sean Rising Sun Flanagan – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 10
Shaax’Saani Shaax’Saani – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 39
Shannon Stevens – New Mexico Room, Booth 205
Shawn Deel – Mezzanine, Booth 113
Shaylene Chino – Mezzanine, Booth 120
Stephen McCullough – New Mexico Room, Booth 208
Steve LaRance – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 02
TahNibaa Naataanii – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 11
Terrance Emery Jr – Mezzanine, Booth 105
Tim Blueflint Ramel – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 55
Tim Yazzie – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 37
Tolpiyine Simbola – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 07
Tonya Rafael – New Mexico Room, Booth 211
Trent Lee-Anderson – Mezzanine, Booth 102
Valerie Calabaza – Mezzanine, Booth 121
Veronica Benally – Lumpkins Ballroom, Booth 41
Wayland Namingha – Mezzanine, Booth 103
Wendy Boivin – Mezzanine, Booth 112
Wilfred Kaye – Santa Fe Room, Booth 301
Wyatt Lee-Anderson – Mezzanine, Booth 123

Santa Fe Room New Mexico Room Lumpkins Ballroom Mezzanine la-fonda-map-mobile

1st Floor

New Mexico Room

(Tap/Click for artist information. Tables not to scale)

James Tsoodle

200James Tsoodle

Peterson Yazzie

201Peterson Yazzie

Devin Brokeshoulder

202Aaron BrokeshoulderDevin Brokeshoulder

Tonya Rafael

211Tonya June Rafael

Kathryn Kooyahoema

209Kathryn Kooyahoema

Joseph Begay

210Joseph Begay

Peter Ray James

213Peter Ray James

Mary Tafoya

214Lorenzo TafoyaMary Tafoya

Madeline Naranjo

212Madeline Naranjo

Lindsey Shakespeare

217Lindsey Shakespeare

Lorraine Cate

203Irma CateLorraine Cate

Gilmore Scott

204Gilmore Scott

Shannon Stevens

205Mark D StevensShannon R Stevens

Melissa Antonio

216Melissa Antonio

Darance Chimerica

215Darance Makwesa Chimerica

Richard Aitson

220Richard Aitson

Franklin Carrillo

219Franklin Carrillo

Prisanne Crispin

218Osavio CrespinPrisanne Crispin

Leslie Bitsie, Jr.

223Leslie Bitsie, Jr.

Russell Lee

222Russell Lee

Richard Honyouti

221Richard Honyouti

Feliciano Tenorio

226Feliciano Tenorio

Erik Fender

225Erik Fender

Prudy Correa

224Prudy Correa

Nocona Burgess

207Nocona J Burgess

Michael McCullough

208Stephen McCulloughMichael McCullough

Ben Nelson, Jr.

206Ben Nelson, Jr.

1st Floor

Santa Fe Room

(Tap/Click for artist information. Tables not to scale)

Renee Allen

304Renee Allen

Rena Begay

305Leroy BegayRena Begay

Daniel John

308Daniel John

Janie Reano

309Janie Reano

Wilfred Kaye

301Donna Humetewa KayeWilfred Kaye

Dave Chavarria

303Dave Chavarria

Roberta Begaye

302Roberta Begaye

Michael Billie

300Michael Billie

Mary Loretta Calabaza

306Mary Loretta Calabaza

Leonard Tsosie

307Darrick TsosieLeonard Tsosie

2nd Floor

Lumpkins Ballroom

(Tap/Click for artist information. Tables not to scale)

Estella Loretto

1Estella Loretto

Marian Denipah

2Marian DenipahSteve LaRance

Maria Samora

3Maria Samora

Osceola Red Shirt

4Osceola Red Shirt

Deborah Lujan

5Deborah Lujan

Michael Toya, Jr.

6Michael Toya, Jr.

Tolpiyine Simbola

7Tolpiyine SimbolaKenneth White

Adrian Pinnecoose

17Adrian Standing Elk Pinnecoose

Ellouise Padilla

16Juanica CrespinEllouise Padilla

Donn Clark

15Donn Clark

Ralph Aragon

14Ralph Aragon

Robert Johnson

13Robert Johnson

James Black

12James Black

TahNibaa Naataanii

11TahNibaa Naataanii

Sean Rising Sun Flanagan

10Sean Rising Sun Flanagan

Gerti Sanchez

9Gerti “Mapoo” Sanchez

Glenda Loretto

18Glenda Loretto

Glendora Fragua

31Glendora Fragua

Lorraine Gala-Lewis

32Lorraine Gala-Lewis

Laverne Loretto-Tosa

49Laverne Loretto-Tosa

Rykelle Kemp

48Rykelle Kemp

Jennifer Medina

33Jennifer Medina

Gerald Lomaventema

34Gerald Lomaventema

Patrick Smith

47Patrick Smith

Mark Calladitto

46Mark Calladitto

Merle Namoki

35Merle Namoki

Raynard Scott-Táá’iitsohíí

36Raynard Scott-Táá’iitsohíí

Lyle Secatero

45Lyle Secatero

Joseph Chavez

44Joseph D ChavezLeJeune Chavez

Tim Yazzie

37Tim Yazzie

Nelson Begay

38Nelson Begay

Mary Tom

43Mary L Tom

Norbert Peshlakai

42Norbert Peshlakai



DeAnna Nez

40Davida ListerDeAnna Nez

Veronica Benally

41Ernest BenallyVeronica Benally

Avis Charley

50Avis Charley

Jerry Salazar

61Jerry Salazar

Jeremy Salazar

60Jeremy Salazar

Jessica Lomatewama

51Jessica LomatewamaJustin Lomatewama

JJ Otero

30JJ Otero

Myles Calladitto

19Henry CalladittoMyles Roy Calladitto

Alexa Rae Day

59Alexa Rae DayJames Bud Day

Dominique Toya

29Dominique ToyaMaxine Toya

Allen Aragon

20Allen Aragon

Cheyenne Custer

52Ira CusterCheyenne Custer

Duane Maktima

53Duane Maktima

Albert Lee

28Albert Lee

Loren Tsalabutie

21Duran GasperLoren Tsalabutie

Jayne Quam

58Jayne QuamKandis Quam 

Jimmie Harrison

57Jimmie Harrison

Penny Singer

27Penny Singer

Kathleen Wall

22Kathleen Wall

Michelle Paisano

54Michelle Paisano

Monica Raphael

56Monica Raphael

Bruce Joe

26Bruce Joe

Randall Brokeshoulder

23Randall Brokeshoulder

Mona Laughing

24Mona Laughing

Farrell Pacheco

25Farrell Pacheco

Tim Blueflint Ramel

55Tim Blueflint Ramel

2nd Floor


(Tap/Click for artist information. Tables not to scale)

Shawn Deel

113Shawn DeelMark Taho

Wendy Boivin

112Wendy Boivin

Penelope Joe

111Penelope Joe

Alvin John

110Alvin John

Keith Edaakie

109Keith Edaakie

Angie Yazzie

108Angie Yazzie

Robert Weahkee

107Robert Weahkee

Gloria Begay

106Gloria Begay

Dorothy Medina-Emery

105Dorothy Medina-EmeryTerrance Emery Jr

Bryan Joe

114Bryan JoeAlfred Joe

Gary Custer

104Gary Custer

Wayland Namingha

103Wayland Namingha

Corina Louis

115Corina Louis

Trent Lee-Anderson

102Kyle Lee-AndersonTrent Lee-Anderson

Maria Salvador

116Maria Lilly Salvador

Morris Muskett

101Morris Muskett

Leona Bia

117Leona Nez-Bia

Jolene Bird

100Jolene Bird

Preston Duwyenie

118Preston DuwyenieDebra Duwyenie

Alisha Sanchez

119Carolyn ConchoAlisha Sanchez

George Concho, Jr.

120Shaylene ChinoGeorge Concho, Jr.

Valerie Calabaza

121Valerie Jade Calabaza

Phyllis Coonsis

122Phyllis Coonsis

Wyatt Lee-Anderson

123Allison Lee-AndersonWyatt Lee-Anderson

Marvin Gabaldon

124Marvin Gabaldon

Alex Sanchez

125Alex Sanchez

Jay Livingston

126Jake LivingstonJay Livingston