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CHF Digital Campus Business Readiness for a Virtual Market

The 2020 Market is not only an opportunity to connect with an audience and sell art, but to extend those connections virtually and build a thriving art-business practice that lasts year-round. Every booth artist in the 2020 Market has been offered a year of access to the CHF Digital Campus, a cutting-edge virtual learning platform for art-business training aimed at creative professionals.

Market Prep Workshops

The advantage of a digital campus is workshops are offered 24/7, so participants can take advantage of what they need, when they need it, and proceed at their own pace. Popular courses for taking on a virtual market start at the basics of running the business, proceed through sales strategy for leveraging the market and going beyond, and extend to marketing and thriving with or without the traditional apparatus that only a small minority of artists enjoy. 

Tour of Digital Campus A Walk-Thru of How it Works

Advantages of Digital Learning

A YouTube video can give us a pep talk on entrepreneurship or show us how to post something to instagram. Education goes deeper, enabling us to ask better questions of our own businesses and equipping us with strategies that we each apply uniquely to extend our art practices into new contexts, such as a virtual market and a post-pandemic world. Actual digital education provides self-assessment tools and real-world examples for modeling behaviors. The best digital education extends that to a digital community, enabling unfettered communication between learners at precisely the moment they are about to do their most lifechanging work.

Our Partners at CHF

The Clark Hulings Fund applies a learning framework that also drove the career of its namesake Clark Hulings, the famed American master and widely regarded Western artist. Nine practice areas that were essential to Hulings’ success, from sales strategy to peer networks form the basis of learning at CHF. SWAIA regarded CHF as natural partners in putting together a Virtual Market that benefits all sectors of the art industry and, most especially, keeps artists at the center. Art is the point and CHF’s mission to see that artists thrive dovetailed with our commitment to a thriving Native American arts community.