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2024 Artist application

Depicted Artwork by James Black

PLEASE NOTE: 2024 Artist Applications are closed

What you will need

  1. Your body of work
    • Artwork Titles
    • Month/Year Completed (must be within the last 3 years).
    • Three (3) images of your body of work. (No more, no fewer).
    • Dimensions of pieces in photography (HxWxD)
  2. Tribal Affiliation
  3. Tribal Enrollment
    • Digital image of your enrollment paperwork
  4. NM GRT/CRS Tax Number
  5. Booth Request Information
    • Booth Size
    • Booth Location
    • Sharer information (if applicable)
  6. Your application fee
    • If you are applying to more than one classification, please contact Artist Services about bundling your application fees.

How to apply + fees

ONLINE : $40 application fee before February 16th, 2024 at 11pm MST
Late applications are accepted until February 23rd. Late fees apply.

The application for this year’s market is available at the button below or by going to: zapplication.org


  • You do NOT need to complete the demographic question portion of your account registration 
  • One classification per application.
  • For assistance on filling out your online application, we will continue to update our downloadable/printable instructions (click the link to download)!

IN PERSON or MAILED IN : $60 application fee when postmarked before February 16th, 2024 at 5pm MST
Late applications are accepted until February 23rd. Late fees apply.

We will also accept your paper application in person at the SWAIA Offices at 121 Sandoval St. #302, Santa Fe, NM (see map below).

Our office are open M-F 9am-5pm MST, with exception of observed holidays and weather closures.


Yes, all applications online can be accessed at www.zapplication.org

There is a $40.00 Online Application fee, and all artists must log on and create an account.

We have created a Step-by-Step guide to assist you. 

Yes, you will need to create a ZAPP account in order to access and complete the online 2024 artist application.

Yes, you can apply for more than one classification on Zapplication.

You will need to apply for each classification separately.

After the first application is complete, SWAIA will provide you with a promo code that will allow you to apply for more than one classification per artist without having to pay additional application fees.

Please contact SWAIA offices if you need the promo codes to apply for more than one classification.

You may apply to up to three (3) classifications.

Once you have created an account with Zapp and have started your online artist application you can return to the application and finish where you have left off.

Please remember to save your work as you complete the artist application.

You will have a 25 min window to save your work and continue without being logged off. We recommend that you save your work every 15 mins to ensure that no information is lost.

Your application will be considered incomplete until all Required Fields are completed.

Yes, all returning and new artists/youth artists are required to have a copy of their CIB on file.

Please have a copy of your CIB ready to upload to the SWAIA SFIM 2024 Artist Application.

If you are a new artist and do not have a GRT/CRS number, you will need to apply for one.

Please follow this link to the New Mexico Tax and Revenue office.

A link will be provided for you to create an account with the State of New Mexico so you may apply for a GRT/CRS number. 

No, you are not required to participate in this part of the application.

This question will be asked when you first sign up and create an account. 

Yes, you will be required to upload three (3) images per classification.

We have created a general 2024 Artist Application Guide to walk you through the online application process and you answer any additional questions you may have regarding the image uploads.

ZAPP has a help center that will answer questions or guide you through some questions.


Yes, it’s available for download above.

For Assistance

Please email artistservices@swaia.org or call 505.983.5220 during regular business hours.